Our main goal is to strengthen the civil society, empower social and ecological engagement and support building a collaborative, fair and sustainable economy.

To create synergies and increase the financial autonomy of communities we introduce a social collaboration tool with a multi-currency system for joined value creation and accounting. Different token representing community currencies, voting rights and asset shares can be combined with standard payment solutions.

To enables participative decision making and stimulate open value creation, specific COINs can be issued by communities and can be allocated by different groups and communities to projects.

The COINs can be used by the projects to compensate the different contributors and sponsors.

The COINs can be used between community members as a mean of exchange and accounting. Services and products can be offered online and offline on different marketplaces and sharing platforms. To enable value exchange between different communities and groups, COIN can be exchanged in exchanges which can be backed by private user and by dedicated community funds.

Social aware business can support the projects and volunteers with discounted or free goods and services, in exchange of COINs. The collected COINs which show companies engagement can also be transferred to other customer, to improve customer relation and increase consumer awareness.

In parallel to the usage of the community currencies as main investment mean, project can also create and transfer their specific project shares. This facilitates the different ways of value contributions and enables a better tracking of investment and mapping of impact.

Communities can issue currencies with limited velocity and limited store of value functionalities by setting higher demurrage rates and transaction fees. All the fees can be democratically re-invested into selected community projects. The extracted fees can be replaced by visible engagement points (non-transferrable coins) in the individual accounts, to show the contribution of different accounts to the commons.

To enable social business to grow and to enable building prosumer ecosystem with shared ownership, project shares and coins representing equity can be transferred (during the purchase process or later) to the customer as a compensation. In non-profit projects, these shares can be equivalent to the profit margins (revenue excluding operation cost, capital cost and depreciation) which is used to create new assets and equity. 

Social entrepreneurs, impact investors, foundations and all kind of social organizations can join the network to create own currencies, leverage synergies and address specific challenges with different groups. They can either invest directly into projects or can use the process for participative decision making, for co-innovation, co-funding and co-creation and for effective implementation and engagement of the society.

If you are interested to find our more or to contribute, you are welcome to join our community.