We offer

A Decentral Collaboration & Value Exchange Platform

that enables users to

Collaboration Spaces

Create collaboration spaces to connect with community members and share content.

Issue Crypto Assets

Issue own crypto assets to engage community members in selected activities and projects.


Initiate crowd-funding campaigns and reward contributors through crypto assets

Share Resources

Build diverse marketplaces to exchange services and share resources with community members and partners.

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

Perform transactions and manage funds in a de-central and transparent way using crypto assets.

Engage Supporters

Engage and reward supporter that contribute to projects and activities with their expertise or resources.


Benefits of Community Currencies and Crypto Assets

The utility of token depends on the design and purpose as well as on the commitments and engagement of the supporting communities:

Social Reputation

When COINs are distributed as proof-of-contributions related to specific impact metrics or challenges, COINs are often used a reputation indicator showing the engagement or contribution value of their holders.

Value Exchange

COINs can be used as payment and discount instruments within peer-to-peer networks and in diverse marketplaces where private community members and business partners can offer services and products.

Equity Shares

Depending on the commitment of issuing entity, COINs issued by entrepreneurs or startups as alternative funding and sourcing instrument can offer benefits that are coupled with equity.

Use cases

Use cases for Community Currencies & Crypto Assets

There are unlimited use cases, reasons and ways to create a currency. Let's find out yours.

Collective value creation use case

Joinly creating value and sharing equity

As an incubation and acceleration structure or as a local network of entrepreneurs, community currencies is a great instrument to engage and reward supporters and crowd investors that can later profit from the collectively created value in form of equity shares or in form of other dedicated benefits.

The social impact use case

Engaging customers in social impact campaigns

To support good causes and reinforce brand awareness, single companies or a consortium can create an impact currency that is used to reward their customer which contribute to selected impact projects. Customers can use the coins to get discounts and other benefits within the marketplace.

Company internal collaboration use case

Unleashing employees innovation potential

To boost and accelerate internal ideas and initiatives or to better enable collaboration between departments and leverage resources, coins can be used within organizations e.g. to engage employees in decision making or as internal accounting units during the implementation of cross-silo projects. As rewarding instrument, coins can be converted into shares, vacation, salary bonus or other benefits. 

Customer loyalty use case

Reward your loyal customers

Coins issued by a single company or within a partner consortium can be distributed to supporters or to loyal customers during the purchase process or within special promotion campaigns. The coins can be used to get discounts or to access selected products and services within the network of supporting partners. The value of the coins can be fixed or can be adjusted to stock price or to other performance data, to share success with the customers and build an engaged brand community.

How to

Create your Own Project or Community Currency

You can issue your COINs without any technical expertise and start testing within few minutes.

Step 1

Issue your COINs

Within your own collaboration space that you can customize, you can issue a space COIN and can invite other members of your network to join the community and participate in different activities.

Step 2

Allocate COINs to activities and projects

You can allocate the COINs, directly or in a participatory way, to selected or community proposed projects and activities

Step 3

Distribute COINs to contributors

The COINs are used by the project and activity managers to reward supporters and experts that can contribute with money, services or other resources.

Step 4

Grow your COIN utility

To ensure creating an economic value for COIN holders and stimulate COIN based interactions and value exchange, you can engage your partners and community members who can offer products, services and discounts.


What our partners and customers say about us

We deliver beyond our promice.
Oula Tarssim

New way to join forces towards resolving local and global challenges

Within the project ‘ProGreS Migration, mobilization of the diaspora‘, Coinsence demonstrates a new way where organizations, business partners, entrepreneurs, change-makers and innovators worldwide can join forces to address local problems and collectively work towards resolving global challenges

Oula Tarssim

Program Director at GIZ
Lotfi Gabsi

Lotfi Gabsi

Our collaboration with Coinsence did open complete new ways to engage local business, international experts and crowd-investors into innovative social impact projects in the region.

Lotfi Gabsi

Co-Founder Hammamet Valley Hub
Rajae Boujnah

Rajae Boujnah

We thank Coinsence for the outstanding collaboration and great service related to customization and deployment of their solution for MENA Tabadol sharing economy platform.

Rajae Boujnah

Regional Hub Manager - I4C MENA

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome to contact us if you have questions or to jointly validate your use case.

1. Is it legal to create own currencies and crypto assets?

Creating and distributing crypto assets is legal as long it is based on a mutual agreement, done in good faith and is not misleading holders. When designing a crypto asset, care shall be taken related to the given commitments and promises, especially convertibility to fiat currency and call for investment are in most countries subject to regulation.

2. How to create value for a currency

Mainly, the value of the currency will depend on one side on the supply amount and on the other side on the total value of resources, equity, services or products that can be acquired through this currency. The initial value of the currency can be set be the issuing entity that controls the supply and the amount of coins in circulation. Both, the issuing entity as well as the supporting community can offer services, products, resources, assets and financial liquidity to backup the currency.

3. How to limit speculation and reduce the volatility of a currency

For social or for economic reasons, the maximum exchange rate of a currency can be controlled through continuous coin offering, where the sales price is set by the coin holders. This ensures that coins are not over valuated and risk of price drop is limited. To ensure that coins do not drop below certain levels, a continuous coin purchase can be activated provided that a sufficient reserve of assets and financial liquidity is available.

4. Which blockchain are you using?

We are using Algorand blockchain, which is a secure and fast carbon neutral blockchain with low transaction fees. See https://www.algorand.com for more details

5. What are the cost of using the platform?

Our platform is free for normal usage and there are no hidden fees. For heavy usage (more that 500 transactions and more than 5 assets), we charge the fees related to the blockchain (0.001 Algos per transaction and 0.1 Algos for each asset that user opts in). You can find the current price of Algo under https://coinmarketcap.com/de/currencies/algorand/

6. What about privacy and data security

Coinsence is committed to not share/process user data with/for any third party. Further, Coinsence is committed to not promote and advertise any commercial content for a third party. User should be aware that content that is shared publicly in the platform and transactions are visible to other users, which is intended to ensure transparency and maintain trust within the network.